Forking out for a new career

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Forking out for a new career

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With the recent Government agenda to make sure those who are receiving benefits earn their money by either learning new skills for a job, or litter picking and unemployment levels being significantly high, it can be challenging for some to look for a job. Whatever career you choose to venture in, the job will require some skills, but unfortunately not everyone is prepared or has the time to train new employees up.

Avantgarde Training offers forklift training courses for people of all levels. Whether you’ve been operating forklifts for years and need a refresher course, or you’re about to walk into a new career in which you have never sat on a forklift let alone handle one; we’ll have a course suited for you.

We have had so many successful students who have gone onto successful careers. Although you may not think it, forklifts do require a specific set of skills and training in order for people to handle them. Unfortunately, it’s not just a jump in the seat and off you go! But, this is something that we can help you with, so no need to worry on that front.

If you’re an employer looking to train newbie forklift handlers, or you’re looking to start a new career operating forklifts, then get in touch with Avantgarde Training today for more information. Let us help you take a step in right direction.

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