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Course Summary

This course provides an overview of work activities involving risk of injury from working at heights and helps those with responsibility for supervising the risks meet their legal duty to manage risk.

On completion of the course, candidates will be able to identify the hazards of work above ground level and outline the general requirements necessary to control them. Candidates will be able to describe the safe working practices for common forms of access equipment.

Course Objectives

To teach the basic skill requirements and associated job safety knowledge to those working at heights above ground level.

  • Introduction & Aims of the course
  • Legal responsibilities, including an overview of the Working at Height Regulations 2005
  • Employee & Employer Responsibilities
  • Basic hazards and factors affecting risk
  • Main precautions to prevent falls and falling materials
  • Safe working practices for common forms of access equipment
  • Inspection requirements for scaffolds
  • Selecting the right tool for the job
  • Risk Assessment Overview
  • How to perform a suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment
  • Future Developments

Course duration: 4 Hours

As a result of successful completion of the training programme, delegates will receive certification.

Maximum Number of Delegates: 8 per Staff Instructor

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