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Stacker Truck Course

Course Summary

Learn how to safely and effectively operate Stacker Trucks in 1 day.
On completion of the course you will be familiar with the basic skill requirements and job safety knowledge required for safe and effective operation of Stacker trucks.
The course includes machine familiarisation, controls, daily checks, battery procedures, manoeuvring, load weight assessment and handling, awkward loads and much more.

Course Objectives

To teach the basic skill requirements and associated job safety knowledge to operator Stacker trucks to delegates with less than 6 months or no previous operating experience on hand pallet type trucks. At the course end successful delegates should be able to operate the machine both safely and efficiently.


  • Introductions & Aims
  • Health & Safety laws regarding operators of such machine.
  • Accidents – Causes and Prevention.
  • Short Video – to show consequences of misuse.
  • Knowledge Examination


  • Pre-operational checks, fault finding and Maintenance
  • Battery Charging and maintenance
  • Supervised practice (left & right turns in a confined area, forward & reverse)
  • Stacking & de-stacking
  • Site Safety
  • Practical Examinations of Competence

Course Duration: One Day

As a result of successful completion of the training & tests delegates will receive certification.

Maximum Number of Delegates: 3 per Instructor